Mediterranean is able to provide you with premium offshore insurance companies licensed to function worldwide. They can operate as either as underwriters or as agents of other insurance underwriters. Like banking, international offshore is a very lucrative and sought-after service area which is drawing numerous participants worldwide covering virtually all lines of insurance from life to casualty lines. offers a wide variety of ready-made, off-the-shelf insurance companies which can help the investor easily enter the insurance market. Our entities, which are from a variety of offshore jurisdictions, can also be used as in-house or “captive” insurance companies.

Insurance companies are a business staple in today’s economic world picture. Many companies, such as banks, investment companies and many others, find it effective to operate an insurance company on the side in order to give support to their central operations as well as to participate in the highly profitable insurance industry itself, something which these licenses permit. Many clients seek offshore insurance companies to self-insure, but once they have the licence, they realise many more highly profitable operations are possible with the license. Hence, to maximise profit they can branch out into the various insurance fields to generate additional profits. They see having an insurance company as a great benefit either to assist their basic company or as a business on its own.

If you are interested in acquiring an offshore insurance company, please contact us. Mediterranean can provide offshore licensed insurance companies complete with business accounts, offices with professional telephone systems, websites and all the necessary business components, ready to do business immediately. Prices start as low as £15,500 for the insurance company + insurance licence & includes Registered Agent and Registered Office. Contact us and let us tailor a package for you.

Regular Price £20,000 – NOW £15,500 – save £4,500 – for limited time only