A special category of banks exists in The Gambia for banks that are set up to service the needs of a single family or single Company.  (The family as well as the company can be of any nationality).  Essentially, this is an “in-house” bank that is allowed to transact with only the members of a single family or a single company.  This is much akin to an “in-house” insurance company but it is for banking purposes.  As such, the family or company setting up or acquiring this category of bank will be limited to only “in-house” operations for the benefit of the family or company in question.

This category of bank exists only in The Gambia in recognition of the fact that many well-off and well-to-do families increasingly are finding the needs to control their own banking operations with maximum privacy and asset protection.  They want the flexibility that high street banks simply do not afford them even though they qualify for so-called “premium accounts” or the same by any other name.  The Gambia BEZ found a huge amount of discontent among this sector where the client family or company felt they were getting short changed by their high street banks and not given the flexibility of operations they wanted while being charged truly Premium Prices.

The Gambia caters to this market by providing Family/Single Company banks.  These banks are granted the powers to conduct ANY type of banking business, anywhere in the world and with any other party which they desire.  Thus, their constraints are minimal.  The only limitation of this type of bank is that they can only deal with the particular named family or company mentioned in the application and company documents of the bank as clients.  They are free to maintain all the correspondence accounts they wish with other banks worldwide and carry on any type of transactions they wish on behalf of their client Family or Company.

Such a family/single Company bank costs astoundingly little.  The current cost is GBP £9,990.  Bank licences can be issued in as little as 2 to 3 working days.  If such a bank requires the items contained in any of the packages, they may purchase them without any legal obstacles.

This highly useful, flexible and powerful financial corporate vehicle, priced at only GBP £9,990 is the LEAST EXPENSIVE BANK AVAILABLE IN THE WORLD TODAY.  If the bank at some point wishes to take on additional clients, it may always ask to have its limitations to a single client removed by way of an administrative fee and the bank can handle any offshore clients worldwide.

This is an outstanding bargain which perhaps many find the best step they can take to establishing their own private offshore bank, giving them the option of easily later expanding into a full-fledged, full service bank with little or no obstacles.

Family Banks are £17,000
Now Reduced to £9,990


Least Expensive Bank in The World Still Under £10,000

It is still possible to set up a “Gambian Family Bank” (or also a sing-company Bank) for only GBP £9,990. It can
also be used to service a single company’s banking needs. This is a special, small offshore bank whose charter does
include one extra limitation; you can only deal with the members of a specified family (usually your own) or a single
company. This is the ideal banking institution for wealthy families interested only in providing their own banking
services. It can carry out all types of banking but just for one family. In effect, it is an “in-house” offshore bank,
the only type available for example, in the Cook Islands – but at a much lower price and without the regulation and
requirements set out in Cook Island legislation.
If you want to not waste any further time and get the cheapest priced offshore bank on the market today in record
time, (2 to 4 working days) fill out the form below, send it to us at: [email protected] and we will process. If
your payment is equally prompt, you can have your bank in a matter of 2 to 4 working days, no questions asked, no
further hassles, no mincing of words.
YES! I want a limited family offshore bank incorporated under the laws of the Business Enterprise Zone
of The Republic of The Gambia.

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5. Your bank will have a capitalization of USD $5 million and its shares will be divided proportionately between the following person or companies. Please indicate the PERCENTAGE of ownership you wanteach of the below to hold;





(If there are more shareholders use a separate document and attach)

(If you wish more than 4 directors, please use a separate document and attach)

Note: You can always upgrade your bank to a complete full offshore bank with unlimited clients at any time by contacting us or your formation agent.

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