• Lowest casino license cost worldwide
  • Lowest operating costs anywhere
  • Immediately available – in just 48 hours
  • ZERO % corporate, VAT or any other tax
  • No restriction on dividend withdrawals
  • Absolute minimum requirements
  • Absolute minimum reporting & paperwork
  • Lowest gaming levy anywhere – 0.75%
  • Lowest annual renewal anywhere

What no one else offers… we include a FREE OFFSHORE BANK to handle your casino’s operations for total privacy. Use it for your casino, other clients + your private business. Get 100% of the benefits of going offshore with ALL your businesses in one go!

Advantages of our online gambling licenses from Business Enterprise Zone

  • Every type of online gaming product allowed with just one license
    online casinos, sports betting, lotto, poker, bingo, etc
  • Profit from your gaming site with ZERO TAXES of all kinds
  • Save money. Our gaming license is the least expensive license of ALL jurisdictions
  • Save time. Quickest license to get of all jurisdictions – 48 hours / 2 working days
  • Keep your site producing income for years with world’s lowest gaming levy (0.75% on gross profit) and absolute minimum paperwork
  • All Inclusive Packages include everything you need to set up and operate your casino in one go
  • Do business under modern, compliant, well written and BUSINESS – FRIENDLY LEGISLATION (written by pro’s to make YOUR business easier, cheaper to operate and without hassles)

The Gambia E-Gaming Licence

The Gambia BEZ Gaming Commission E-Gaming license from the Business Enterprise Zone is the widest ranging, least expensive and the ONLY immediately available Gaming License which you can obtain to get into the online casino business immediately. Turnaround time to obtain license is only 48 hours / 2 working days from the time you provide application, minimum due diligence info and make payment. No other casino license in the world can be obtained this quick. Due diligence requirements include 2 items: copy of applicant’s ID and copy of proof of address. We can usually clear and obtain DD approval same day.

Your package includes

Your back office to operate your online casino can be located anywhere in the world. The accounts we provide are offshore. Your profits are 100% tax-free. You only have an annual casino license fee of GBP£10,000 and a 0•75% gaming levy over gross profits. There are absolute minimum reporting requirements, only an annual corporate report and only simplified annual profit loss statement for purposes of the gaming levy. THERE ARE NO RESTRICTIONS ON DIVIDEND WITHDRAWALS. You have the ability to offer every game imaginable and you can start taking in TAX-FREE passive income immediately.

Processing Agent

We act as your agent and prepare all documentation and deliver your license without any hassles on your part. Through us you deal exclusively with the government and our fees are covered entirely in the cost of the license. THERE ARE NO MIDDLEMEN AND YOU ELIMINATE ALL MIDDLEMEN CHARGES.

Total cost of license is GBP £ 73,000 (your private offshore bank is included FREE)

Process to Obtain License

  • The first step is to complete our pre-approved application form. Provide copy of ID of your principals and copy of their proof of address. We get due diligence approval usually same day or next.
  • When we inform your application has been approved, we provide pro-forma invoice and payment is made.
  • We provide you with electronic copies of all documents, including both casino and bank documents, simultaneously we send you hard copies to your designated address.
  • Other items in package are provided taking c. 7-21 days. This includes bank account, etc.
  • Your casino is now ready to start business and take in money!

Check below the comparative table of all the jurisdictions around the world that offer casino licenses and you will see that ours are by far not just the least expensive but the easiest, quickest to obtain and most hassle-free.

Types of gambling products you can offer under this license

  • Online casino games (roulette, blackjack, slots – as examples)
  • Sports betting Peer to peer games (poker, backgammon, Mah-jong, etc.)
  • Mobile phone games, betting
  • Live dealing
  • Bingo
  • Fantasy football (or similar)
  • Various trading activity
  • Pari-mutual and pool betting
  • Network gaming
  • Lotteries
  • Trivia
  • Common platforms
  • Affiliate’s, Skins, Marketing services
  • All other games of chance
  • And more…

The process to start your own online casino business has never been easier, less expensive and quicker than with the casino packages MBS offers you. We have streamlined the entire procedure as direct agents of the government so that you can be in business and making money as quickly and inexpensively as possible.