MBS Business Services’ experience goes back a long way. Infact over 20 years. 2022 marks our 20th year in buisness operating from London and Cyprus. We originally started incorporating offshore banks in the Pacific Island nation of Nauru in the 1980’s, when that country became a pioneer – indeed an innovator – in offshore bank formations and services and hosted many banks. Since then we have gone on to form banks and insurance companies in a wide variety of offshore jurisdictions such as Belize, Vanuatu, the Cayman Islands, Niue, Liberia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Bahamas and others. Our firm seeks flexible jurisdictions for our clients that will provide a convenient, well-managed and well-regulated juridical framework combined with simplicity and ease in formation procedures and lowest costs possible. Equally, we seek primarily English-language jurisdictions that include English Common Law as a base.

Where you operate a financial entity is just as important as where you incorporate it. Sometimes, the requirements of a jurisdiction insofar as operational requirements makesit undesirable to use as a venue for operation of your entity. Hence, we seek to provide complete solutions that encompass one or more financial havens to properly carry out your entity’s business as smoothly as possible and with the minimum cost possible. Our expert knowledge takes into consideration all facets of your intended operations to ensure we provide the best, least expensive solutions so that you can launch your banking or financial entity as quick as possible, as inexpensively as possible.