We set up both new banks and broker the sale of existing ones that have already been incorporated. The various offshore jurisdictions we choose featurethe most modern, state-of-the-art offshore legislation and have a friendly, pro-business environment providing maximum flexibility, ease of incorporation and the widest possible latitude in the way of requirements and regulations. None of our jurisdictions are blacklisted by FATF or the OECD.The banks we offer thus provide Maximum benefits with minimum requirements & incorporation/acquisition times.

Our offshore banks can be your open door to enter the financial services market with your particular banking products and services.  Many professionals, such as stockbrokers and financial advisors and financial businesses see the many benefits & the prestige that operating as a bank brings. A ready-made bank that can start business immediately is the most powerful and sought-after corporate vehicle in today’s business world.

As to price – simply put, by comparison WE HAVE THE LOWEST PRICES IN THE WORLD MARKET TODAY for offshore banks and Insurance Companies.:

With our offshore banks you can perform countless financial & business operations from deposit-taking, dealing in Forex, having connectivity to SWIFT & similar payment systems, you can run your own VISA & MasterCard programmes, issue traveller’s cheques, issue all kinds of commercial instruments such as letters of credit, loan guarantees, SKRs, etc. and you can prepare your own credit reports and assign your own credit ratings.

While all due diligence, KYC and AML/CFT requirementsare carefully attended to and met, our offshore banking entities are able to operate in a liberal, business-friendly regulatory environmentconducive to low operating and compliance costs.

Depending on jurisdiction, our banks feature:

  • No reserve requirements,
  • No required financial reports
  • No audits required
  • No paid-up capital required for purchase of existing banks as requirement have already been met.
  • Anyone and companies can act as directors and/or shareholders
  • No requirements as to how these entities invest their funds
  • Banks can be run from anywhere in the world
  • No limitation on the number, type or location of your customers.
  • Basic Banking License Available in 2 – 3 working days, other package elements in c. 10 working days
  • Assistance with all post-incorporation support services you may need


  • ZERO taxes on profits!

That’s why we say Maximum Benefits with Minimum of Requirements & Costs.

As part of our turn-key packages services, we also offer a variety of additional products and services for your post-incorporation needs:

  • GUARANTEED Correspondent Accounts in 20+ currencies – so you can be operational immediately
  • Immediate SWIFT connectivity
  • Premium State-of-the-Art Banking Software
  • Interactive online banking websites
  • Bank Managements Services
  • Offshore IBC companies packages of 5,10,20,50, 100+ for your clients or yourself
  • AML/CFT customised manualisation for your bank
  • Nominee Director & Shareholder Services
  • London Virtual Office facilities with professional automated answering systems tailored for your bank to give quality professional look
  • Special Packages with Discounts

If you are interested in acquiring a ready-made offshore bank or insurance company, we have a ready selection. Please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.